The Youth for the Youth Approach simple means that the Inanda Youth Development is youth centred, in that, it was established and ran by young people with the aim of supporting and helping other young people, and this concept can be simplified as follows:

  1. The Executive Management of IYD currently consists of individuals under the age of 35 years of age, this remain an advantage since young people find it easy to relate with the team and the team is also in a position to share the youths point of view.
  2. The RCL and class representatives from the partner schools, form part of the IYD Student Committee, this committee is responsible for advising and informing the IYD about youth challenges within the school environments and ensures that IYD is always able to provide support that is relevant to students’ needs.
  3. In order to address the students’ challenges, IYD partners with university students in different disciplines but specialising in fields that are relevant to youth development e.g. Child and Youth Care students from DUT, Sport Studies students and students who give career guidance support. This partnership affords the universities the opportunity to strengthen their community engagement and for their tertiary students get in-service training and improve their skills development.

The youth is the future, and it is therefore important to equip them with skills that they will require in the future, through promoting philanthropy and great leadership skills.