Social Activities

This area needs a lot of redressing; currently there is a lack of the necessary resources and infrastructure at the Inanda both at community school levels. Young people are not exposed to different sports codes and there is a shortage of suitable sports coaches. This results in limited participating in sports. As part of addressing the sports challenge, the IYD's Sports Clinic emerged. With this programme, the aim is to introduce young people to different sports codes and ultimately promoting sports participation. This will result in the formation of school teams, thus leading to the generation of sports tournaments. Ultimately, the idea is to establish and manage a Sports Centre.

Sport Centre

Our vision is that this structure will encompass all the common sports field like a soccer field, basket & netball court, tennis court, swimming pool just to name a few. Our vision is to hire professional coaches which with train students in different sports codes. Local schools will be required to take on membership and they will be booked and charged for training sessions.

Art & Craft Centre

This centre will be for the development of art & craft talents; the aim is to attract professional artist to train young people in the community.