Mobile Clinic for Schools

Basic health needs for most of Inanda youth are not met. This is due to many reasons which may include the lack of knowledge, support and limited access. IYD’s health strategy aims at increasing health awareness and improving access to basic health for students of all grades. As a result, one of our biggest projects would be the mobile clinic for schools.

This facility will provide:

  1. Basic medical attention
  2. HIV/AIDS counselling
  3. Trauma counselling
  4. Sex education/family planning
  5. Puberty developmental stages

GYM: Open access

In addition to the above, we propose for an open access gym to be built so that member of the community especially young people can access training facilities allowing them to monitor their weight at the same time improve their overall health.

Awareness Campaigns

Lastly, health awareness campaigns are to be carried out during the course of the year. This will help emphasise the importance of a healthy living lifestyle. These awareness campaigns will include:

  1. Cancer Awareness
  2. Drug and alcohol abuse awareness
  3. Heart diseases awareness
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases awareness
  5. Oral Health awareness
  6. Fitness Drive