Multi-Resource Centre

Our main endeavour is to establish and manage a Multi-Resources Centre in Inanda. This facility will help in addressing most of the educational challenges in the community. Although it will be open to the entire public, but our main beneficiaries would students of all ages. As it sole priority would be to provide educational and career development support. We propose for this structure to have the following facilities:

(a) Books Section: this material will cater for students of all grades and even for tertiary students.
(b) Computer room
(c) Study Area: this section will consist of individual study spaces, discussion area, and group study rooms
(d) News cubicle: this is where newspapers and magazines will available.
(e) Printing and photocopying room: in addition to printing machines, this room will also store the previous examination papers for all grades.
(f) Career Development zone: here there will be the provision of career counselling, CV writing and interview skills, and help with job and CAO application processes.
(g) Training room
(h) Board Room
(i) Kid’s Division: small room for kids and it shall very educative material appropriate for their level.
(j) Home Work Centre: this will be where senior students help junior students with home works.

Day Care Centre

The majority of the high school students at Inanda are parents. Many of these students are forced to leave their children not cared for when they go to school or some leave them in environments which are not child-friendly. Our concern is the safety of the kids and their education development. Therefore, we are proposing a Day Care Centre which will cater mainly for student-parents. This facility will accommodate children from the ages 3 months to grade R. Qualified basic education teachers will be working with these children, and this is where our strength as IYD will come into play. We are targeting to strengthen their academic foundation and positively influence and guide this young generation so that they gain a better outlook at life in general. IYD will monitor their progress up until they are qualified professionals themselves.

Day Care Centre

(a) Normal learning classes
(b) Art room
(c) Computer room
(d) Game room
(e) Playground
(f) Kitchen
(g) Book Room
(h) Meeting Hall
(i) Nurse’s station

Educational events

In addition to the Multi-Resource and Daycare Centre, we plan to have a series of annual events which promote education and learning. These events will include:

(a) Career guidance
(b) Academic recognition:
> High-performance badges
> High Achievers Affair
> Mentoring programme
(c) Book Clubs
(d) Debate Clubs
(e) Winter and/or Summer School
(f) Back to School Crusade