Our Mission

IYD’s mission is to uplift, empower & revive the youth in as many ways as possible.

We believe that a brighter future is for everyone who commits, but they must be supported and guided to their paths.

Our Objectives

The organisation’s main objectives are:

1. To improve information access and academic support to school learners.
2. To improve access to basic health and improve life skills for the youth.
3. To introduce a variety of sports in schools.
4. To encourage community involvement in bettering the future of the youth.
5. Promote creativity amongst the youth of Inanda (Art and Culture)

The Organisation’s secondary objectives will be to work with the government, NGO’s and ocal municipality and members of the community to ensure ovision and/or promotion of the following items:

1. A fully operational multi-resource centre.
2. A mobile clinic for schools.
3. Improving sports participation among young people; through the sourcing of suitable sports Coaches and the maintenance of existing sports facilities.
4. On-going counselling and support (career & health).
5. Improve motivation levels of young people, through the provision of life-skills workshops for young people in Inanda.
6. An Art Centre.